This committee is an internal organization of the Japan National Coalition for Fair Consumer Credit (CRESALA Taikyo) which addresses the issues of multiple debts in Japan. The committee provides support and cooperation for activities in order to help multiple debtors in various foreign countries. It also promotes interaction and information exchange with various countries in order to work toward the eradication of multiple debts and poverty in each country including Japan.
■Greetings from the Committee Chairman■
 Multiple debt issues due to consumer credit are a common problem experienced not only by Japan but also by advanced capitalist countries.  The issue of consumer credit develops and expands in various ways in each country. However, the issues of multiple debts and credit default can not be avoided in any country and they have become a serious social issue.  Especially in Japan, we have been engaged in a long-term battle against multiple debt for 30 years and have produced significant results.  Against the background of globalization of capital markets, consumer credit goes beyond the boundaries of nations and the problems associated with it have become an international issue.  We believe it is important for each country to exchange information regarding the amount of damage caused and countermeasures taken by each country as well as cooperate with each other in order to solve this issue.  Therefore, the CRESARA Taikyo has established the international committee in order to promote continuous interaction with other countries concerned.

                             July, 2011
      Tatsuya Kimura
      Representative of the Japan National Coalition
       for Fair Consumer Credit (CRESALA Taikyo)
      Chairman of the International Committee of
       the CRESALA Taikyo, Japan National Coalition
       for Fair Consumer Credit
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■Organization Overview■
●Japan National Coalition for Fair Consumer Credit (Abrebiation:CRESALA Taikyo)
 CREDIT & SALAKIN TAIKYO, JAPAN (CRESALA TAIKYO) is a national coalition for fair consumer credit. Our members include academians, lawyers, shiho-shoshi (judicial scriveners), members of financial victims organizations and labor organizations. Since its foundation in October, 1978, as a nationwide consumer organization, we have been acting for the purpose of preventing and eliminating unfair and unreasonable sufferings of consumers due to heavy debt to consumer financiers i.e. Salakin (loan sharks targeting salary earners), credit and loan card firms, Shoko Loans (small-business lenders), and black-market loan sharks.

 Working in cooperation with Japan Federation of Bar Associations, labor organizations, as well as consumer cooperatives, we have achieved enactment of Money Lending Business Control Law in 1983 and Money Lending Law in 2006. These laws have brought about reduction in interest, restrictions on excessive lending, and strict operating rules.

 However, we still have many challenges before us, and we have been carrying on the campaign calling for amendments of the laws, establishment of a bail-out system for loan-shark victims, and prevention of excessive credit.

 We also take education, research, information exchange, and lobbying as our important tasks because we have the pressing need to tackle with the ever evolving problems.
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●Contact Information of the International Committee

<Korean Nationals/Korean Speakers>
14-15, Higashihakushima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima,Japan
Hiroshima All-In Law and Accounting Office
AKITA Chikako  Lawyer

<Chinese/Taiwanese Nationals/Chinese Speakers>
         2-6, Matsushima, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
         Minagawa Yasunori.Judicial scrivener Office
MINAGAWA Yasunori   Judicial scrivener

<Other Nationalities/English Speakers>
Kinjo Gakuin University
OYAMA Saya  Associate Professor(Sociology)

<Japanese Nationals/Japanese Speakers>
      1-18, Kobai-cho,Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
      Fuchida Legal Affairs Office

FUCHIDA Kazuko  Judicial scrivener
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International Committee           CRESALATAIKYO, JAPAN

・Greetings from
 Committee Chairman
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